Manuals and guides

detailed information about our sensors

Below you find the necessary information how to use our sensors.
We have deployed an extensive manual, quick reference guide and a specification sheet per sensor type.

Sensor Manuals

Oxygen | Temperature  Sensor Manual

Chlorophyll Fluorescence (CF) Sensor Manual

pH Sensor Manual

Photosynthesis Efficiency (EFF) Sensor Manual

Sensor Quick Guides

Oxygen | Temperature (O2 | T)  Quick Guide

In preparation

Chlorophyll Fluorescence (CF)  Quick Guide

In preparation

In preparation

pH Sensor Quick Guide

In preparation

Photosynthesis Efficiency (EFF) Sensor Quick Guide

In preparation

Sensor Specifications

Oxygen | Temperature Sensor Specifications

Chlorophyll Fluorescence (CF) Sensor Specifications

pH Sensor Specifications

Photosynthesis Efficiency (EFF) Sensor Specifications

SenBox Documentation

SenBox Manual