Sendot Research at Analytica 2018 München


Sendot was at Analytica 2018! We took our first steps in the laboratory market. The Analytica exhibition was experienced as a good representation of the laboratory market. The fair hosted a range of companies, from large companies to SME’s such as us. We we’re glad to have experienced a broad interest from customers and distributors in our technology. We also had the pleasure to interact with new distributors from around the globe and we look forward to expand our operations in the coming months.

Sendot was at Horticontact 2018

For the second time in Sendots young history we visited the fair. It was quite interesting to see how we have grown in the market. We had the pleasure to meet new contacts and simultaneously maintain current relationships.


This year was especially fruitful as representatives of our Partner, Royal Brinkman, managed to attract additional attention. We would like to thank our partner for this effort. We look forward to participate in the 2019 edition!