Sendot to attend Seed Meets Technology 2019

Seed Meets Technology is an annual event. The 2019 edition takes place in week 39, from 24 – 26 September. The event completely focuses on the seed industry and exists of an exhibition and several trial fields. In addition to the fair, several symposia and lectures are organized. The event attracts visitors from all over the world such as growers, students, marketeers, CEOs and sales managers. This year, Sendot will present the seed industry their newest sensor developments. We demonstrate our chlorophyll fluorescence sensor, seed scanner and photosynthesis efficiency sensor with PAR. We help seed producers obtaining new data insight in order to monitor seed quality, optimize storage and crop performance strategies.

Collaboration Sendot and 30MHz confirmed

In addition to regular climate data from wireless sensors and climate computers, growers can now also see the oxygen level, pH value and temperature of the root environment in ZENSIE. Recently, 30MHz partnered with Sendot Research whose sensors can be connected to the data platform. In addition to oxygen and pH, Sendot also offers a chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis efficiency sensor. The aim is to allow growers to optimize their cultivation strategy with these new insights.

The collaboration was officially confirmed during the Greentech last June. Since then, a batch of Sendot sensors have been linked to the 30MHz system, leading to several growers reaping the benefits of deeper insights into their crops.

Drier greenhouse conditions

A practical example of the integration can be found at the Gitzels nursery where all kinds of cabbages are grown. After the implementation Matthijs Woestenburg, innovation manager, immediately saw the benefits: “With the Sendot sensor, we can now very easily measure oxygen in a pot, but also in the water. And we can also view and interpret the data on the computer via the ZENSIE platform. It’s easier for us to create drier climate conditions in the greenhouse, which leads to less downy mildew, for example.”


Healthy plant balance

ZENSIE collects data from sensors, climate computers and manual input, giving growers quick insight into VPD, dew point, greenhouse temperature, humidity, plant temperature, CO2, air flow and infrared at both ambient and crop level. Adding metrics such as O2, pH, soil temperature, chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis efficiency through Sendot allows for a deeper insight into the environment and overall condition of the plant. This plays a crucial role in achieving further optimisations in the greenhouse and ensuring a healthy plant balance.


Monitor sensor data anywhere in the world with the SenBox!

Monitoring sensor data anywhere in the world, that is possible with the SenBox that Sendot is introducing. SenBox is the sensor data platform with which important cultivation measurements can be followed in real time anywhere in the world. “This gives you the opportunity to gain insight faster with the data that you measure with the Sendot sensors and to ensure that you can make the right choices,” according to the company.

Sendot has developed optical sensors with which oxygen, pH, temperature and photosynthesis efficiency can be measured in a unique way. “Via field sensors you can see exactly what the current situation is in the measured application. For many users, monitoring over a longer period of time is a necessity. This can easily be done through the log function of our sensors, but with an extension of the field sensors with a SenBox you can now also follow the log results anywhere in the world via mobile phone, tablet or PC.”

You can connect to the internet through the SenBox, which is linked to the sensors. There are various options for this. The SenBox can communicate with the (internal) network of the organization via Wi-Fi or via a UTP cable. But there is also the possibility via a 4G modem / data bundle to follow measurements directly through the internet. This ensures that you can use the SenBox in such a way that it is in line with the strategy of the organization. Via a secure customer portal you can follow sensor data and the associated trend graphs and export data.




The insights you get with this, ensure that growers can respond better to situations that occur at that time.

Interesting conversations and new developments at Horticontact

Sendot was present during the Horticontact. As organization, we offer growers optical sensors that help them improve their cultivation strategy. During the 3 exhibition days, we showed visitors our latest developments, the new pH and photosynthesis-efficiency sensor.

Live Demo

We set up a pepper plant test where visitors could monitor important plant parameters real-time. We measured following parameters:

  •  oxygen, pH and temperature in the root environment
  •  Photosynthesis efficiency combined with a PAR measurement on the leaf.

Data was made available via our sensor web-based platform. Visitors could easily view and keep track of this data via their mobile phone.

This demo has given us many interesting conversations and projects, which we will follow up in coming weeks. Follow us on linkedin to make sure you get to know all relevant outcomes of important projects.

Sendot is moving!

The Sendot team is moving!
First of all, we would like to wish you a merry christmas and a fruitful 2019! Sendot has experienced a significant growth this year.

Sendot has experienced a significant growth this year.
We welcomed new employees, expanded our markets and improved the quality and service to our clients.
In short we passed the phase of start-up in a garage facility. We just did not have enough production- and office space anymore, so we had to move to a bigger location and a more professional facility. We found such a place in Houten.

Our new adres is:
Nieuwe Schaft 2, 3991 AS Houten.

You are more than welcome to visit us to see our new location.
Please feel free to approach us if you have questions with regard to our products.