Showcase: design of the BACTcontrol for MicroLAN

Client: MicroLAN

Develop low-cost, small and durable instrument
to monitor microbiological activity in water.

In close collaboration with microLAN Sendot
Research has realized cost and size reduction of
the initial instrument.


  • Online enzymatic measurements
  • Self-cleaning instrument
  • Higher sensitivity

The BACTcontrol is an instrument dedicated for bacterial water quality monitoring. It is an early warning system, complementing the officially accepted methods for the detection of microbiological activity. An essential feature of the BACTcontrol is that it is able to reliably analyze the microbiological activity within one-two hours. In contrast classical microbiological methods take up to 24-48 hours, are labour-intensive and require the cultivation of organisms.

Sendot research has a wide experience with spectroscopy and fluorescence measurements. MicroLAN asked Sendot research to design/develop the BACTcontrol. The heart of the BACTcontrol is a fluorescence detection unit so Sendot research had all the knowledge and experience necessary for this task.

The original instrument, the starting point of the project, was too large and expensive. Sendot has downsized the complete instrument. Cost price reduction was obtained by reducing complexity, size and by making use of the proprietary FluoMini technology to detect the fluorescence which is produced when the specific bacteria are present. The final design as well as the software were developed at microLAN in house.