Optical sensors that change your world

Sendot Research develops and produces optical and opto-chemical sensors which use light. The sensor contains light sources, detectors, optics and electronics to measure, calculate and present the parameters you want to determine. We provide a broad range of handheld and benchtop sensors for optical measurements of Oxygen, pH, Fluoresence and Temperature. With our expertise in electronics, chemistry and IT we make our sensors suited for practical and research applications. Our sensors are user friendly and designed to work with existing Windows and Android operating systems.

What is happening in our world

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Our world of applications

What can we do in your world?

Every industry has its own challenges, especially when it comes to new data insights. We love to discuss your challenges and drink a cup coffee or tea together and explore how we can strengthen your business. We would like to invite you at our office in Houten or will visit your premises.  Feel free to call us at +31 (0)30 636 8477 or send a mail to info@sendot.nl.