Optical sensor technology

it is time to give your business a new impulse

Mobile and versatile sensors

Oxygen, pH, Temperature, Fluorescence, and Photosyntheses-effiency

Creating new possibilities

Measuring oxygen level and pH in the root zone for example

Track your data anywhere, anytime, anyplace

With our data platform it is easy to monitor your data real-time

Offering services in all major sectors

Handhelds, Non-invasive measurements, Robot automation, In-line integration, R&D projects

Optical sensor technology

We develop and produce optical and opto-chemical sensors. We provide a broad range of sensors to  measure oxygen, pH, fluorescence, photosynthesis-efficiency and temperature.

Eye for your needs

With our practical experience and customer focus we make products suited for many applications. We offer handhelds, non-invasive techniques, robot automation, in line integration and R&D projects.

Give an impulse

Sensors that change your world, for sure. Using our optical sensors in your processes result in more efficiency, improved production numbers and better allocation of resources. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Important achievements

News and show cases

Everyday we work close to our customers and stakeholders all over the world.
Below we list our latest new and some important showcases we would like to share with you.

Products designed to your needs

We offer products designed to business needs.
In this way we create added value and make sure that your organisation will benefit from sensor technology.

  • 1.


    a mobile and versatile sensor to measure in the field

  • 2

    Non-invasive measurements

    a technique to measure pH, oxygen or temperature in a closed jar/bottle by means of a specific sticker inside. 


  • 3

    Robot automation

    sensor technology integrated into robotics to automate processes

  • 4

    In-line integration

     we integrate sensor technology into your production processes.


  • 5

    R&D projects

    in collaboration with customers we develop custom-made sensors

What others say about us

“Data in combination with plant parameters are a crucial recipe for giving proper advice. The sensors of Sendot enable us to develop insights we did not have before. This empowers us to give our customers additional feedback to achieve best possible results”

Bonte de JongAdvisor - Fytoconsult

“Monitoring with sensors has become essential in research projects. The SenBox has enabled us to monitor real-time plant performance and log data related to the rootzone such as Oxygen and pH. In addition, the Photosynthesis-efficiency sensors reveals plant stress which enables me to react quickly if trends are deviating.”

Ruud KaarsemakerAdvisor - stichting Food and Flowers

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